Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Red are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya...ManU is back to winning matches. The win against the arch rivals Liverpool is a good confidence booster for Sir Alex's team which has been in a lean patch this season.
This guy Christina Ronaldo shows lot of promise. I think he is another RvN in the making. He is not hyped like David Beckham or Michale Owen but he has superb skills which are really awesome. Though not an ardent fan of ManU I like players who really are a class apart. There are two from this ManU team.
The nice Rudd Van Nistelrooy and Christian Ronaldo. People might talk about Smith, Rooney or someone else but these two are class aprt. It might be that their Dutch and Portugal origin has to do with it.

Expecting ManU to continue their roaring form so that we can watch a great Arsenal Vs Manu match....boyyyyy....it will be a joy to watch....

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