Thursday, September 30, 2004

Midweek Mazaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It cant get anyting better than this. It is worth staying awake till 2 AM on the Wednesday morning. A Champions League football match that saw the return of the Lions.Yes, Real Madrid roared back to form with a 4-2 win over Italians AS Roma. In another match, the English giants ManU thrashed the Turkish Champs with 6-2 win.

The Real Madrid team looked like they were going to lose again after the conceded 2 early goals. But the Legends didnt give up this time. They came back with vengence. The second half was completely dominated by the Champs as the ball hardly crossed Reals' midfield. Raoul scored twice in his own class, but you should watch Luis Figo. He was in a class of his own. The way he criscrossed through the AS Roma defence is a joy to watch. Then, the Master , he showed some extraordinary ways of balancing the ball and some of the best passes.

Withstanding the boos from the fans, the Brazilian superstar showed his class in that goal scoring free kick. It just zoomed past the defenders and the goalkeeper. Ronaldo tried a lot but he seemed to be tired. I think he is preserving his appetite for the forthcoming matches. They were looking like scoing some 10 goals. Though some pathetic refereeing lessened the charm, it was real real great football.

In another match, which was a no doubt joy to watch , ManU's debutant Wayne Rooney entertained everyone. This boy had a great debut. 3 goals in a match, that too in your debut match is not everyone can do. But, what amazed me most was where was cRn ( Christiano Ronaldo). How can you make a player like CRN to sit on a bench Sir Fergie?
The old guard Giggs started the attack with a superb header, but I give the full credit of that goal to Kleberssons' great run. That was simply amazing. The legendary RvN chipped in with his trademark goal, mind you that he was all there to help Rooney score goals. The teenager obliged.

I could not watch some of the other matches on Thursday early morning.

AC Milan won 2-0 against celtics,
Chelsea won 3-1 against last yr champions Porto,
Barca won 3-0.

I was a bit disapointed that Gunners could only manage to draw their match.

Champions league is getting hotter.

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